Revolutionary VR

Filming in 360 is a completely new sport that pushes us to learn new tricks to get you the perfect true 360 experience. To get customers immersed in your message UC360 is dedicated to get the 360 viewers moving! We developed a sophisticated VR360 video robot and christened him E.T. One look at him and you’ll know why we chose this name 😉

Note Henrik Hellman: Back in the days when I fell in love with VR, one thing annoyed me: the fixed camera position. WHY CAN’T I MOVE. It’s boring and it doesn’t help me to imagine that I’m truly there.

With our friend E.T., UC360 is unique with their service. We are now able to move the viewers point from A to B. It doesn’t matter if the route go’s up-down-right-left, E.T.’s twelve stabilization motors give him a 100% stable ride. The result is a realistic walking through 360 degrees experience.

Every situation, every setting and every story can be captured with VR360. Write your own script. How? Just imagine being a stranger in your environment. What would you like to see, what will trigger your attention or entertain you?

VR360 is a perfect solution for:

  • Corporate promotion
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • B2B real estate
  • Universities
  • Education
  • Industry
  • Recruitment companies
  • Development reports
  • Sport events
  • Leisure resorts
  • Amusement parks

Ok, you got it, VR360 is fantastic way to communicate.