VR Training & Education

A VR Training offers the opportunity to learn in a playful, non-distractive and in an immersive environment! A perfect tool to educate/train your organisations or to uses it when you’re scouting new people!

How does it work?  
Several 360 videos are combined together with interactive buttons (questions, direction arrows, keynotes etc).

How to experience VR Training?
Via your own mobile phone device, VR cardboard or with a real VR glass like the Oculus Go.

The expiry date of a VR Training?
Your VR Training project will never be locked! Changes can always be made, so it will grow with your organisation and wishlist!

How does it look like?
Click on the picture below and look through the eyes of a student. Aeres Hogeschool Dronten applied the VR Training with success. The students love the new learning method and the teacher saves loads of time!

Just imagine how to integrate this into your business to save time, money and educate your people.