VR E-learning

VR e-learning offers the opportunity to learn in a playful, non-distractive and in an immersive environment! A perfect tool to communicate in your organisations’ information, handling process and to uses it when your scouting new people!

Several 360 video’s are combined together with interactive questions, direction arrows, keynots etc.
Experience the VR E-learning via your own mobile phone device, VR cardboard or with a real VR glass like the Oculus Go.
Your VR E-learning project will never be locked! Changes can always be made, so it can grow with your organisation and wish list!

We recorded a VR e-learing session for you:   You will see how this pupil will react and take action by answering the questions! Just imagine how to integrate this into your business…. we can help!
Have a look at “Fire brigade escape”:  Choose your direction & What would you do in that situation?