VR video offers a truly lifelike experience.

You can look around, from top to bottom, so a full circle around you.
VR360 is an inspiration tool for happiness and for more serious chapters in your business.

“Immerse people in your story. They love it”

Yet to kick in more diversity in the 360 experience “ET” has been developed. It’s the world’s first VR Robot specially designed to get the viewer moving around the place.

Note Henrik Hellman – founder UC360:

Back in the days when I fell in love with VR, one thing annoyed me: the fixed camera position. It’s boring and it doesn’t help me to imagine that I’m truly there! WHY NOT MOVING THE CAMERA”?


 How to watch VR360?

-Just do it- Zap open your smartphone, open for example the YouTube app, search for UC360 and look all around! Or use your tablet, your computer, or your VR headset. Websites like Facebook and YouTube make it easy to watch VR360! With a single click, you will be in a different world.

Every situation, every setting, and every story can be captured with VR360.

VR360 is unique because:

It puts you in the director’s seat, you decide where to look.
The high experiencing and attention level.
The viewer’s curiosity will drive them to longer view time.
It’s a perfect medium to communicate