Video has already conquered the internet and virtual reality video will conquer the whole world.
VR video offers a true lifelike experience. You can look around, from top to bottom, full circle around you.
VR360 is an inspiration tool for happiness and for more serious chapters in your business.

“Immerse people in your story. They love it”

Yet to kick in more diversity in the 360 experience “ET” has been developed. It’s the worlds first VR Robot specially designed to get the viewer moving around the place.

Note Henrik Hellman: “Back in the days when I fell in love with VR, one thing annoyed me: the fixed camera position. WHY CAN’T I MOVE. It’s boring and it doesn’t help me to imagine that I’m truly there!”

Every situation, every setting and every story can be captured with VR360. Write your own script. How? Just imagine being a stranger in your environment. What would you like to see, what will trigger your attention or entertain you?

Some of the features that make VR360 unique:

  • A 360 video puts the viewer in the director’s seat: he or she can decide where to look: in front, back, to the left and right, above and below, in full spherical 360 view.
  • It’s a fair and open way to communicate. People feel trust and appreciate the honesty.
  • The experience level is high because the content offers a feeling of reality.
  • The viewer appreciates the freedom to explore and this increases the viewers active attention for the video.